Hospital admission Beds in Uganda

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Hospital Admission Beds

n the competitive scenario presented in previous sections, aesthetic and comprehensive design features stand out as a differentiating factor between products. These features, prominently represented by the side-rails and panels, also serve in adapting the beds to different environments and populations. An analysis of these products, and their means of diffusion, allowed inferring a set of values and responses that this new generation of smart beds aims to provoke:

They are highly and increasingly user-oriented (institutions, operators, and patients), which is expressed in their form, function, interactivity, and ergonomics.

They strongly express the ideas of hygiene, safety, durability, comfort, ease of use (both for patients and caregivers), reliance on technology and caregivers, with panels and side-rails as main differentiating factors (full/split rails, integrated controls).


Hospital admission beds in Uganda – Durable and High Quality – Yogi Limited

They emphasize embedded functions and high-end technologies, displaying the power embedded into these products, and in line with growing technological awareness. However, they also allude to the invisibility of this elaborate technology with simple, intuitive controls.
Regulatory consolidation

Regulatory frameworks have an impact on the design-process and requisites expected of different families of devices in order to reach their potential users. In the sector of medical beds, there have been advances in this field between 2000 and 2016.

After the development of particular standards for electric medical beds in the late ’90s [4], the first decades of the twenty-first century have seen the convergence of these standards into a unified reference.

ISO/IEC standard 60,601–2-52:2009 (basic safety and essential performance of medical beds) [12] was issued in 2009 as a combination of previous standards IEC 60601–2-38:1996 (requirements for the safety of electrically operated hospital beds) [13], and EN 1970:2000 (adjustable beds for disabled persons: requirements and test methods).

This document, which covers issues like safe working loads, mechanical and electrical safety, ergonomic requisites, and risk-management strategies as a consolidated reference among five scenarios for medical beds (from hospital to nursing and home environments) [12], was first amended in 2015 [14] and falls within the updated scope of IEC 60601 [15].


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