Medical equipment supplier Uganda.

Medical equipment supplier Uganda.

Medical equipment supplier in Uganda. Yogi limited is a company that deals in importation and distribution of medical, hospital, laboratory equipment, hospital furniture surgical instruments and laboratory Diagnostic kits.

Yogi Limited’s Mission as a Medical Equipment Supplier

As Yogi Limited our vision is to be the leading importer and distributor of high quality Medical, Hospital, And laboratory Equipment, Hospital Furniture, Surgical instruments and diagnostics’ in the regions so as to support the development of health sector in the country.


Our Mission as a Medical Equipment Supplier

Our mission is to achieve and provide the growing population in the health sector with maximum satisfaction of high quality medical equipment products that meet the international standards at cheaper price in the whole market. Yogi limited the company that satisfy your needs for compatible long lasting medical products.

That’s why we as Yogi limited Uganda provide a wide range of products to ensure that our client do not have to move from one place to another looking for equipment that we don’t have in our store. We make shopping for medical equipment a bliss and ease your search for medical equipment. We are a one stop shop for all you medical equipment need in Uganda.

Medical Diagnosis relies on ACCURATE investigations. Misdiagnosis is one of the leading potential causes of death and could result in adverse health complications.

Our philosophy is rooted in delivering medical equipment to support a complete medical flow of comprehensive patient care  from Triage, to Medical Surgical, to Diagnosis, to Laboratory, to Treatment, to giving patients a comfortable environment.

Countries rely on the use of medical devices to achieve universal health coverage, respond to health emergencies, and keep populations safe. In resolution WHA60.29 Member States recognized that medical devices are indispensable for health care delivery, however their selection, regulation and use presents enormous challenges. WHO proposed to organize the 4th Global Forum on Medical Devices to discuss this important topic.

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