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Yogi Limited  Product Catergories:
Hospital Furniture | Medical Diagnostics | Theater  | Laboratory Equipment | Surgical Instruments | Medical Disposable Products
Medical Supplies, Medical Diagnosis relies on ACCURATE investigations. Misdiagnosis is one of the leading potential causes of death and could result in adverse health complications.

Medical Supplies is a critical and crucial area in the medical arena that why we have always provided only the best products in regards to medical supplies in Uganda.

Our philosophy as Yogi Limited is rooted in delivering medical equipment to support a complete medical flow of comprehensive patient care  from Triage, to Medical Surgical, to Diagnosis, to Laboratory, to Treatment, to giving patients a comfortable environment.

We at Yogi Limited Pride ourselves in being the number #1 among the leading medical equipment supplier in Uganda Kampala. This has been possible because of our 10 years Experience and wide range of products from trusted and certified manufacturers .

We offer a One Year warrantee on all our products an because we care about customer satisfaction. We have a customer friendly team available to our clients and customers ready to offer technical support like maintenance and Repair services. This is why we are a one stop store for all your medical equipment needs. You can count on us to stock you Hospital


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