Oxygen cylinder with Regulator

Oxygen cylinder with Regulator

Oxygen cylinder with Regulator


Oxygen cylinder with Regulator

Responsive Respiratory E Cylinder – 15 LPM Regulator And Cart Kit accompanies all you needed to bring anyplace you go. This Oxygen Cylinder accompanies a vacant aluminum chamber with a plastic chamber wrench and a standard post valve that fits cozily into the truck, which makes it simple to wheel around. The two legs against slip feet guarantee that the truck remains safely in the specific position while moving. This truck gives a stature customizable handle that permits the client to keep it in the position where they need it.

Why pick Responsive Respiratory E Oxygen Cylinders?

Agreeable stature flexible truck handle

Moving wheeled truck gives ease in versatility

Oxygen Regulator adjusts the progression of oxygen level

Highlights of E Cylinder – 15 LPM Regulator and Cart Kit

Accompanies full set-up unit with E truck, 15 LPM controllers

E aluminum chamber with standard post valve

15 LPM oxygen controller

Plastic chamber wrench with on/off markings and bungee

Single E chamber truck with customizable handle

Controllers stream range: 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15 LPM

What to purchase with Responsive Respiratory E Cylinder

Responsive Respiratory E Series Value Oxygen Regulator – 15 LPM

Invacare HomeFill Ready Rack For Perfecto2 Concentrator

Partnered Simple Medium Concentration Oxygen Mask

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