Theater Equipment is crucial because the Operating Theater is the beating heart of a medical center. It is nowadays equipped with all kinds of medical technologies. Yogi Limited helps you design this workplace in order to optimize its workflow and even integrate it within the whole hospital and medical equipment and Instruments for efficient work at the medical facility and all means to execute surgical procedures. We aim to see that our customers are satisfied. Here is a List Of Most Necessary Theater Equipment.

Yogi Limited also provides you with the highest quality conventional and innovative surgical equipment (Operating tables, lights, pumps, anesthesia & respiration systems, LASERs, electrosurgery, ultracision, endoscopy, microscopes etc…), instrumentation and implants to operate patients with the best outcome and the highest levels of post operative quality of life. Checkout our list of Theater Equipment below.Visit us at Plot 10 Bombo Road Kampala. Here is a list of All Our Products

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